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The Study of Photoshop

16th June 23

Photoshop has had a significant impact on society since its introduction in 1988 and transcended its status as a piece of software to become a verb in the English language. Its influence can be seen in photography, advertising, media and art. Photoshop has revolutionised the way images are manipulated, giving users unprecedented control over the appearance of images allowing professionals and amateurs alike to retouch, enhance, and alter images.

Knowledge of Photoshop signposts several potential careers to students in various professional fields, such as graphic design, photography, marketing, advertising, web design, and digital art. Having expertise in Photoshop can significantly enhance career prospects in these fields. It also enhances a student’s ability to critically analyse visual media. Understanding the techniques behind image manipulation makes a student more discerning when digesting news and entertainment. It allows a student to question the authenticity of digitally enhanced images and promotes media literacy.

The study of Photoshop can also be useful for personal creativity or as a new hobby. It provides an excellent tool for artistic expression and allows users to communicate concepts and ideas visually. It can be used to enhance images, create digital artwork, design invitations or greeting cards, develop digital scrapbooks, or explore other creative projects. It provides an outlet for self-expression and allows students to realise their ideas. Photoshop can also be the foundation of a self-employed business.

These are compelling reasons for including Photoshop in our curriculum, which we do in Years 8 and 9. Students learn a selection of skills that signpost possible careers as well as allow further study by those students who wish. Below are some of the projects recently made by our Year 9 students.

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