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Co-Ed Sixth Form

The Halliford School Sixth Form is an environment that fosters aspirational and forward-thinking students who seek to make a positive contribution to their community, and it is for this reason that I am delighted you are considering Halliford for the final two years of your school career.

We firmly believe that a co-educational environment in Sixth Form provides the best preparation for later life, both at university and beyond. During these most important two years of your school journey, you will study a combination of three or four A Levels which are complemented with a range of academic, cultural, and charitable enrichment opportunities to ensure you leave Halliford ready to embrace what the world has to offer, and ready to meet any challenges that university or the wider world of work may bring.

Halliford School is a welcoming community. The students in our co-ed Sixth Form are confident, kind, and warm-hearted; and this makes for a positive transition between Year 11 and Lower Sixth, whether you are continuing your journey through Halliford School or joining the Sixth Form as a positive addition to our Lower Sixth. Our teachers provide incredible support both inside and outside of lessons, but we also recognise that the Sixth Form is a time of increased independence and academic rigour. For this reason, we provide a vibrant and supportive academic environment to enable you to thrive and flourish in the final two years of school.

We have high expectations for all our students both academically and pastorally, but your House Tutor, whom you see twice a day, will provide you with all the help and guidance you may need to meet and exceed your potential.

Our teachers are not just supportive and friendly, but they are also deeply passionate about their subjects. Our philosophy encompasses a desire to instil this love of learning in our students and to prepare them for life after school. We recognise that Sixth Form is a time of huge personal growth, and therefore, we offer a significant range of opportunities to allow this growth to take place. Whether you are a talented musician, sportsperson, actor or artist; or if you would like to engage in meaningful and ambitious charitable endeavours, we have a plethora of opportunities for you to participate in.

As you make the exciting decisions of what A Levels to pursue and where to complete your Sixth Form experience, let us help you through this period and give you our guidance on what you may end up doing for not just the next two years, but rather the rest of your lives.

I look forward to welcoming you into our community and sharing with you what makes Halliford Sixth Form a wonderful place to study.

Mr Andy Carroll
Head of Sixth Form

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