Settling In

Upon an acceptance of a place at Halliford School, your son will be invited to forthcoming relevant School events.

Year 7 Taster Day

The Year 7 “Taster Day” takes place in June.  This day will give boys a great opportunity to spend a day at Halliford School prior to them starting in September.  They will meet their form tutors, together with their new class peers.  They will embark on variety of taster lessons and will experience for the first time the true Halliford community.  Parents are also invited on this day, for refreshments and a presentation in Theatre by the Headmaster.

Year 7 Sports Morning

The Year 7 “Sports Morning” takes place on the last Saturday before the beginning of the autumn term in September.  This is run by the PE staff.  It is not just an event for those boys who are good at games; it is as much a social occasion for boys to meet and for the PE Department to get to know the names of our new boys as soon as possible.  Parents are also welcome to stay to observe their sons whilst enjoying refreshments served by the School’s PTA.  This morning has always proven to be a great success for boys, even those who have never touched a rugby ball.  Parents have commented how they have enjoyed the opportunity in getting to know other parents autumn term begins.

New Boy’s Afternoon

Parents and boys are invited to the School between 3pm – 4pm on the afternoon before the autumn term begins.  This afternoon gives the boys another opportunity to meet their form tutor and their class peers.  They will be given a tour of School to familiarise them again with their new surroundings.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet the teaching staff informally whilst refreshments are being served.

Y9 Taster Day

The Year 9 “Taster Day” takes place in the summer term prior to entry.  Boys are invited to take part in a Business Enterprise activity for the whole day.  This will help boys to familiarise them with the School, to meet their new class peers and help them ease in to senior school life at Halliford.

New Boys – Pre-Season Rugby Training

New Year 9 boys will be invited to attend pre-season rugby training sessions.  These sessions take place during August, prior to the start of the autumn term.  The PE Department encourage boys to attend these sessions, to give them the opportunity again to meet with their new peers.  The PE staff also use this opportunity to get to know our new boys’ names prior to the start of term.

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