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Welcome to Halliford School, a warm-hearted School founded on strong family values where we are proud to know and be respectful of every student as an individual. Our theme ‘Come as you are. Go as all you can be’ perfectly encapsulates our mission to encourage and support Hallifordians to flourish and become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. Our boys join us for their seven-year journey from 11 to 18 and we warmly welcome girls to join our co-educational Sixth Form, which provides our senior students with the opportunities to excel in a more independent environment. Rated by ISI as ‘Excellent in all areas’ in December 2022, Halliford is an incredible community to belong to and spend part of their only childhood.

The world for which our children are being readied has changed. That is undeniable. A preparation for life that is grounded solely in the statistical outcomes of grades and marks is just not enough anymore. Creating young individuals who function like computers, merely recalling information when prompted, holds little meaning in a digital age where vast knowledge often resides in our pockets.

Now, more than ever, our role is to nurture humanity – to cultivate good people. Our aim must be to help our children become the kind of individuals that the future desperately needs and seeks.

We proudly consider ourselves a small school, without any apologies. The advantage of our size is our deep familiarity with one another. We see and know each student beyond the crowd; no one ever gets lost here. Despite our size, we are well-equipped, both on-site and through extensive partnerships worldwide. We have the resources to deliver comprehensive and in-depth subject matter, and we will always strive to make the impossible possible if it benefits our students.

At Halliford, our boys and girls will consistently experience the reassurance that we are here for them, ready to listen and do everything within our power to help them achieve, and achieve they do.

If your family is looking for academic achievement delivered alongside both a breadth of experience and the moral compass the modern world craves, Halliford may well be a place to call home. Ours is a proudly successful school.

The cornerstone of that success – and of the Halliford community – is respect. A mutual respect for the abilities and interests of each other. We are unashamedly proud of our school, with students and staff proud to be a Hallifordian. It is the pride of belonging to something bigger than oneself, a pride that sees the Halliford hoodie still well-worn years later.

Our pursuit of excellence is characterised by academic ambition, balanced with academic sensitivity. We inspire Hallifordians within a community founded on exceptional teaching and learning, outstanding pastoral care and first-class sporting, cultural and co-curricular opportunities. To browse a person’s past and read Halliford School should mean something, and it does.

We invite you to come as you are, not as what you think you should be. Halliford is a place of acceptance and diversity; not just in the form of representing our community, but in encouraging the passions, the curiosities, and the interests that drive people. We believe that people make life interesting, and Halliford School is a haven for interesting people.

Some things matter that little bit more to us. It matters that our families trust us with their most precious asset. It matters that our boys feel excitement and belonging when they put on their blazer, and that Hallifordians go on to be the best they can be.

To truly understand the distinctive culture and ethos of our school, we warmly invite you to visit us. I very much look forward to personally welcoming you to see for yourself if it is the right school for your child’s future education.

Mr James Davies


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