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Business Studies and Economics


The department offers contrasting but equally rewarding courses at Key Stage 4 and 5. At Key Stage 4 we offer the modern, hands on GCSE Business, with the emphasis on problem solving. At Key Stage 5 we offer Edexcel Business Studies A Level as well as Edexcel Economics.


At GCSE students follow the new 1-9 Edexcel specification. The GCSE has two papers which examine Business influences and operations. It is assessed through two exam papers in Year 11 – there is no coursework.

A Level


Economics is a popular and topical subject at Halliford. As the new Government grapples with the perceived issues of excessive Government spending, Economics particularly appeals and offers insight to pupils who have an interest in current affairs, politics and modern history.

Economics also attracts those who enjoy the study of issues and debates using traditional rigorous analysis and we look at the important aspects of mathematical models and techniques whilst also undertaking research into the predictable, often irrational, behaviour of consumers and businesses and analyse how markets work. We also address the theory and rationale for government intervention. At Halliford, students follow Edexcel Economics. They are encouraged to develop their independent learning skills by reading extensively around the subject.

Business Studies

Business Studies course is an exciting subject that examines the increasingly dynamic and complex environment in which organisations operate. A major focus centres on the implementation of different functional strategies that enable businesses to be successful in the marketplace whilst also giving an opportunity to gain a critical perspective of business behaviour through the study of topics such as corporate social responsibility and business ethics and values. Students will gain both important practical business skills used in the world of work as well as theoretical knowledge, using business models, theories and techniques to support analysis of current business issues. The course is very much holistic in nature, where the inter-related nature of business is covered. Topics such as digital technology, globalisation and the development of new markets in the Far East are covered throughout the course emphasising the increasing importance of these developments on the business world. Both small and large scale UK focused and global multinationals are studied allowing an appreciation of key issues in a number of different contexts.


Year 13 Business students visit local firms in relation to their Unit 3 paper. Students also take part in Young Enterprise.

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