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Halliford has an award winning Art Department. Year on year it has enabled our students to achieve extraordinary heights in both artistic and examination success with almost all achieving A* or A grades at both A Level and GCSE. Three dimensional work is a particular strength of the department and the exemplary, innovative ceramic work has featured widely in the international journal Ceramic Review.

Each year the department awards an Art Scholarship based on exceptional drawing skills, a portfolio of work and demonstration of a passion for Art and Design. Special after school sessions are provided for the Art Scholars, helping to further develop their skills to the highest level.

The studios are open in the evenings and at lunchtimes with open access for those students that want to come in and continue with the coursework independently or to gain additional advice and guidance.

Years 7 – 9

In Year 7, students study all of the elements of visual form including colour, scale, shape, texture, etc. We investigate how these can be used technically and expressively. All of the major Art movements and styles are researched and we start to develop fundamental fine observational drawing skills that will be used through the following years.

In Year 8 we start to research the history, techniques and materials of ceramics. Students visit the Victoria & Albert Museum to further their knowledge and awareness. Alongside this, our students begin to investigate natural forms whilst perfecting their drawing skills and designing an ambitious and personal piece of ceramics.

Year 9 move into the Ceramics Studio to take their Year 8 design work through into production. This is followed by a painting project.

GCSE, AS and A Level

In Art at GCSE, AS and A Level students will be expected to develop their own ideas and may work in either two or three dimensions. Their ideas may be inspired by a variety of possible, very personal starting points and these are arrived at through extensive one to one discussion, research and guidance. Diversity is welcomed and encouraged. Wherever possible, the aim is to enable boys and girls to fulfil their own, individual, artistic ambitions to the highest possible level.

Observational drawing ability is not an essential prerequisite for enrolment on these courses but it is expected that students will have a keen desire to develop in this area and appreciate the value of such skills. Although a small proportion of the course, they are fundamental to high level examination success and a vital tool in expressive and visual communication.

Project themes and directions will be initiated by the student so an interest in and some awareness of the wide range of artistic possibilities is invaluable. Students should be willing to visit galleries and museums in their own time in addition to visits arranged by the school.

An ability to work independently, with self-motivation is essential as examination success will necessitate that students work outside of lesson hours, in the studios and at home. The course provides a clear structure and extensive tuition to assist them in the organisation, planning and production of their work and helping them fulfil their potential.

The climax of every year is the Summer Art Exhibition where A Level, AS and GCSE Art work is displayed for assessment and then open to the public for viewing. You are welcome to attend to see the extraordinarily diverse range and quality of artwork produced by Halliford students.

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