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Community Service & Charity

Service and charity are at the heart of what we offer at Halliford School, with students of all ages expected to give of themselves, from service within the dining room to Senior Prefect status.

Every academic year, we appoint a Charity Prefect from our Upper Sixth, who coordinates an array of activities, including Charity Week, a week-long programme of fundraising events.

Each year, we raise money for various charities through events such as Mufti Days and Movember. We are proud to say that our Movember efforts have placed Halliford School among the top contributing schools in the country.

As part of our community outreach, our Sixth Formers volunteer at St Nicholas CofE Primary School in Shepperton and assist students during their maths, grammar and spelling lessons.

Four fellow Sixth Formers and I have been volunteering at the local primary school, St. Nicholas, to help with younger pupils in Years 5 and 6. The school was very welcoming, and the students were pleased to see us. In the Year 5 class, I helped the students with spelling and took them out of the classroom individually to help with their reading. I helped small groups of people to pronounce words they found hard and explained their meanings to them. This was a great experience because I am thinking of possibly having a career in education after university, so it helped me understand what primary school teachers do and how engaging they are with the students. Previously, I have helped out at my local primary school at the after-school club. However, this was more interactive as I could see what a day in the life was like for a teacher, and I could help the children with their learning. Each week at St. Nicholas, I am able to do different things with children of various ages, like maths, reading, phonics, and more. The staff were also very welcoming and supportive of the Halliford students being there, and we were a great help to them. – Olivia, Lower Sixth

We welcome local schools to join us for our school production dress rehearsals and foreign language plays. Our Music Department spends time visiting local schools where our students have the opportunity to perform mini-concerts for their students. Most recently, we welcomed students from Cleves School to enjoy a music technology workshop in our iMAC composition suite, and St Nicholas musicians were invited to perform for their parents in our Recital Hall.


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