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How to Apply

11+ & 13+ Entry

The first part of the application process to apply for a place is to complete an online Registration Form and pay the registration fee by bank transfer. The bank details are on the last page of the registration form. Once the School has received the Registration Form and Registration Fee, parents will receive a letter from the Registrar acknowledging their son’s registration.

As part of the application process, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster interview every applicant before the entrance examination takes place in January. These interviews are a very worthwhile process. They enable the Headmaster and the Deputy Headmaster to meet your son in person and chat with them about their interests and hobbies. The interviews are also very beneficial for your child. They enable the child to meet a Senior Staff member, which will very often put them at ease before sitting the entrance examination.

As a School, we want to get the best from your child, and to put them at ease on entrance examination day. Therefore our examinations take place in a classroom environment and not a daunting examination hall. We also provide a well-earned break during the examination morning, where the School Chef provides an outstanding selection of refreshments. It has been commented by many of our past applicants that Halliford School provides the best refreshment break ever!

The School offers Scholarships at 11+ and 13+, therefore applicants can apply to be considered for an Art, Drama, Music or Sports Scholarship, by completing a Scholarship Application Form.

The entrance examination results together with the scholarship results (for those applicants who have applied) will be sent to parents within three weeks from the examination date. The successful applicants who are offered a place at Halliford School will have an advised date to accept the offer or decline.

Sixth Form Entry

Please visit the Sixth Form Admissions section of our website for information about entry into the Halliford School co-ed Sixth Form.

Registration Deadline

Registration for Year 7 entry in September 2024 and Year 9 entry in September 2026 has now closed. We continue to welcome registrations for Sixth Form entry in September 2024.

Registration for Year 7 entry in September 2025, Year 9 entry in September 2027, and Sixth Form entry in September 2025 closes on Friday 29th November 2024. The registration deadline is also the deadline for scholarship applications and for parents to submit supporting documents, including specialist SEND reports.

The bursary application deadline is Friday 15th November 2024, two weeks prior to the registration deadline.

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