When is the closing date for registration?

The first Monday in December prior to entry.

How will I know the date of my son’s interview?

You will receive a letter from the Registrar with a suggested date.

What month does the 11+ entrance examination, and 13+ Pre-test take place?

The tests take place in January.

Does the School supply past exam papers?

The School does not supply past papers

How do I apply for a scholarship (Art, Drama, Music, Sport)?

Halliford offers Scholarships at 11+ and Sixth Form entry. 11+ candidates will need to complete a Scholarship application form, in the autumn term prior to entry.

When will the Scholarship assessment days take place?

In January, prior to the entrance examination.

How do I apply for an Academic Scholarship?

There is no need to apply for an Academic Scholarship.  Academic Scholarships are awarded to candidates who have performed at the highest level, in the entrance examination.

When will I know if my son has been awarded a Scholarship?

You will received notification following the entrance examination, of your son’s exam performance.  The notification will also indicate if your son has been awarded a Scholarship.

How do I apply for a bursary?

You should indicate on the section provided on the Registration form that you would like to apply for a bursary.

When will I received a bursary application pack?

Bursary application packs are sent in the autumn term prior to entry, to those parents who have requested a pack.

When do I have to notify the School if I want to accept a place offered?

Upon the receipt of the Headmaster’s letter, parents have until the first Monday in March to decide.  If the School does not hear from a parent by this date, the place will automatically be offered to another family on the waiting list.

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