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The Halliford School Production of The Odyssey

31st January 23

It is always a pleasure to welcome a live audience to see our school productions, and this year we had a great turnout for our interpretation of Hattie Naylor’s The Odyssey.

Presented by our brilliant Drama Department, this was a modern retelling of Homer’s epic poem. The play follows the journey of the main character, Odysseus, as he tries to return home to his wife and son after the fall of Troy. Along the way, he faces many challenges and obstacles, including the wrath of the sea god Poseidon, who is angry with Odysseus for blinding his son, the Cyclops Polyphemus. Additionally, Odysseus and his men are trapped by the allure of the sorceress Circe, who turns some of his men into swine.

Odysseus also encounters other characters from Greek mythology, including the spirit of his mother and the spirits of the dead in the underworld. Throughout his journey, Odysseus must use his wit and cunning to overcome these obstacles and return home to his family. He also faces internal struggles and moral dilemmas, such as when he must choose between his loyalty to his men and his desire to return home or when he must decide whether to sacrifice his men to the gods.

Head of Drama, Mr Bruno commented, “When thinking about the next show we would put on at Halliford, I had to think long and hard about what we could do that would entertain our audience and rival our epic performance of SPAMALOT! That is when inspiration hit, and Mrs Rooke brought me Hattie Naylor’s excellent interpretation of Homer’s The Odyssey. It was perfect. There were many parts, many ensemble images, and a script with moments of humour and passion. Then we had to try and figure out how to get a boat on stage! As always, I have loved working with our students. This year, we have many new faces who have brought excellent professionalism to the school show. We have laughed and cried, creating the epic journey. I am very proud of all the love and passion everyone has put into this show, and I am as proud as ever to be a Hallifordian.”

Thank you to every member of our audience who joined us for the performances and gave such rave reviews.

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