Lockdown Bushcraft Club

22nd March 21

For as long as Mr King can remember, he has been obsessed with bushcraft and outdoor adventures, spending as much of his free time as possible camping and learning traditional crafts. He wanted to share this hobby with our students and hoped to transfer his enthusiasm for the topic into a newfound interest amongst the boys, as well as help foster a respect and appreciation for the natural world.

Over the eight weeks of lockdown, the students studied basic survival priorities, survival theories, bushcraft equipment, and discussed shelter building and how to use a tarp to shelter from the elements and Mr King taught skills ranging from tying knots and lighting a fire.

Now back at school Mr King is keen for the club members to continue with their interest and learning.

Miles in Year 8 has learnt how to tie a quickly detachable tarp hitch. He came to study club at lunchtime to learn more useful camping knots. When asked about the Lockdown club, Miles said: “I really enjoyed Lockdown Bushcraft Club! I thought it really was good having Mr King as the teacher as he loves the outdoors and we could tell this enthusiasm from the videos. I found each episode very practical and have already started using the skills we were taught. Following the guidance on making a birds nest, I successfully lit a fire for my family in the garden”.

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Drone Fly-Through Video


Welcome to Halliford School

We are very pleased to share our new drone fly-through video which showcases our amazing facilities here at Halliford.