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Halliford’s Music Exam Results

19th March 21

We are absolutely delighted to present our music students with their exam certificates this afternoon. 13 students took exams in trumpet, piano, alto sax, trombone and singing with 6 passes, 5 merits and 2 distinctions.

It is truly outstanding to see two Year 11 students receive their Grade 5 awards in piano and alto sax with distinctions. Just brilliant and testament to the strength of our Music Department here at Halliford School. Mr Wright, Director of Music said “Congratulations to all the boys that passed their ABRSM and Trinity music exams last term. It was fantastic to get a 100% pass rate, with two distinctions at grade 5. These results are especially impressive given the challenges we have faced in music for the last year. Well done to all!”

Headmaster, Mr Davies, commented “As a fellow musician, it is splendid to be able to see our boys today in person and to present them with their ABRSM and Trinity College London music certificates. It has been a difficult time for many but I know that enjoying their musical instruments has kept these boys going and it was a real pleasure to be able to accompany many of them for their examinations in the Autumn Term. I look forward to seeing them continue to develop their exceptional music potential.”

Name Year Group Grade Instrument Result
Hamish 8 ABRSM Grade 1 Trumpet Merit
Jonty 9 ABRSM Grade 1 Jazz Alto Sax Merit
Sam 8 ABRSM Grade 1 Piano Merit
Cosmo 10 Trinity Grade 2 Trombone Pass
Jivraj 10 ABRSM Grade 2 Piano Merit
Oliver 9 ABRSM Grade 3 Alto Sax Pass
Charles 8 ABRSM Grade 3 Flute Pass
Dominic 12 ABRSM Grade 3 Piano Pass
Joshua 9 ABRSM Grade 3 Singing Pass
Ruaridh 8 ABRSM Grade 4 Trumpet Pass
Tom 13 ABRSM Grade 4 Singing Merit
Oliver 11 ABRSM Grade 5 Piano Distinction
Riley 11 ABRSM Grade 5 Alto Sax Distinction

Well done to all of our students.

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