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Proud to be a Hallifordian
Warm Hearted
Proud to be a Hallifordian
Proud to be a Hallifordian
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Proud to be a Hallifordian
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Proud to be a Hallifordian
Proud to be a Hallifordian

Welcome from the Headmaster

Welcome to Halliford School; a warm-hearted School based on strong family values where we are proud to know and be respectful of every student as an individual. We encourage and support Hallifordians to flourish and become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. We aim for excellence by being academically ambitious but at the same time academically sensitive. We inspire Hallifordians within a community that is founded on high quality teaching and learning, outstanding pastoral care and first class sporting, cultural and extra-curricular activities.

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Halliford Voices

I joined in year 7, it was a nervous time which involved taking the train for the first time. It turned out to be a great way to make amazing friends. The first few days of Halliford couldn’t have been easier, inspiring teachers, great opportunities. Before I knew it I was finishing my GCSE’s with outstanding results and now I’m loving the independence of the 6th form.

William Wheeler, Year 12

I joined in Year 9, and the transition period was so smooth. Almost instantly I was making friends both on the rugby pitch and in the classroom. I particularly enjoy the more personal feel, made possible only by our small size and the importance of respect.

Daniel Wilkes Year 11

I am a passionate musician and school music scholar, our music facilities here are superb! At school I have had many chances to perform and sometimes even get the Headmaster to accompany me on the piano when I play the violin. Halliford is like one big family.

Monty Savarino Year 8
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“Since the moment I started at Halliford School I felt like part of a family. Staff here work together to make sure students are getting the best quality of education. To be teaching in a school that has such support and care from staff and parents is truly heart-warming”

Sam Watson, DT Teacher

“Halliford is a true community where there are opportunities to try new things, build on old skills and have a supportive safety net to pick you up and dust you off to try again.

Halliford allows me to live vicariously through the amazing achievements of our students.

Every day amazing things happen at Halliford School.”

Sean Slocock, Assistant Head Co Curricular

“Strong supportive friendships are formed at Halliford School, I have felt like a kid in a candy shop, allowing the boys freedom of expression with a wide selection of materials in the art department. “

Rachel Bannister, Art Teacher
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As an ex-Hallifordian I am proud to say three of my children attend the school which continues to go from strength to strength and is a direct result of the fantastic teaching staff. The leadership team invest heavily in making the school a respectful yet enjoyable environment, while delivering outstanding academic results for each individual.

Louise Alexander – Parent of two boys in Year 9 and a daughter in the Upper Sixth

Our experience of Halliford School has been entirely positive. When we nervously dropped our son at the gates on his first day, we hoped, like all parents, that we had made the right choice for him. Now, with one boy in the 6th Form and another approaching GCSEs, we are certain we did. The school provides a wonderfully supportive environment allowing our boys to thrive.

Simon Rabett – Parent of a boy in Year 10 and a boy in the Lower Sixth
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Halliford School became both the foundation of my most enduring friendships and the environment in which I developed the skills required to find my own place in the world.

Joe da Costa, Old Hallifordian

My enjoyable final year as Deputy Head Prefect provided me with greater exposure to the incredible network of pastoral care.

Above all, Halliford School taught me to work hard and stay humble.

Gareth Hart, Old Hallifordian 2018
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Why Choose Halliford?

A school based on strong values where we know and respect every student as an individual.

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