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Welcome from the Headmaster

Welcome to Halliford School, a warm-hearted School founded on strong family values where we are proud to know and be respectful of every student as an individual. Our theme ‘Come as you are. Go as all you can be’ perfectly encapsulates our mission to encourage and support Hallifordians to flourish and become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. Our boys join us for their seven-year journey from 11 to 18, and we warmly welcome girls to join our co-educational Sixth Form, which provides our senior students with the opportunities to excel in a more independent environment. Rated as ‘Excellent in all areas’ by ISI in December 2022, Halliford is an incredible community to belong to and spend part of their only childhood.

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Halliford Voices

My journey at Halliford has been amazing. I still remember my first day in Year 7, which was full of nerves, and yet now I am starting my final year as a proud Hallifordian. I am incredibly grateful to the staff, who helped create and grow the school’s warm-hearted community, guided me throughout my journey and helped me develop values of resilience, curiosity and confidence. The countless learning opportunities have allowed me to access new and exciting areas, explore my interests and have inspired me to challenge myself. The school has supported me in becoming who I am today, and I am confident embarking on my future journey.

Jivraj Singh, Head Prefect (2023-2024)

My Halliford journey has been strongly influenced by my brother Richard who has been at the school for 3 years and is currently in Year 10. He has been very happy throughout his time here, always having a good word to say about everyone. During the application process, I asked “How does the school manage the fact that there are so few girls compared to boys?” The answer was: “We are all Hallifordians – we don’t differentiate between girls and boys.” We are all treated equally. The school has its largest group of female students ever, and we have felt as much a part of the Hallford community as the students who have been here for five years. I love being a Hallifordian and I am sure, that anyone else who comes to this school, will feel the same as me.


Olivia, Lower Sixth

I decided to come to Halliford School because all the teachers and students were friendly and engaging at the Open Day. I was excited because it was a new start but a little nervous, as I didn’t know anyone who was also coming here. The teachers really helped me to get to know the school and make friends. My favourite memory so far is representing the school in sport and scoring my first goal for Halliford from outside the box into the top corner. I am really pleased that I came to Halliford School because I have made good friends and have really enjoyed all the sport and the different variety of clubs.

Nathan, Year 8



“I am a passionate musician and school music scholar, and our music facilities here are superb! At school, I have had many chances to perform and sometimes even get the Headmaster to accompany me on the piano when I play the violin. Halliford is like one big family.”



Monty, Lower Sixth
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“Since the moment I started at Halliford School, I felt like part of a family. The staff here work together to make sure students are getting the best quality of education. To be teaching in a school that has such support and care from staff and parents is truly heart-warming.”

Mr Sam Watson, Head of Design & Technology




“Halliford is a true community where there are many opportunities to try new things, build on old skills and have a supportive safety net to pick you up and dust you off to try again. Halliford allows me to live vicariously through the amazing achievements of our students. Every day, amazing things happen at Halliford School.”

Mr Sean Slocock, Assistant Head Co-Curricular




“Strong supportive friendships are formed at Halliford School. I have felt like a kid in a candy shop working in our amazing Art Department, allowing our students freedom of expression with a wide selection of materials.”

Mrs Rachel Bannister, Teacher of Art
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Students having a chat with a teacher


“As an Old Hallifordian, I am proud to say three of my children attend the School, which continues to go from strength to strength and is a direct result of the fantastic teaching staff. The leadership team invest heavily in making the School a respectful yet enjoyable environment while delivering outstanding academic results for each individual.”

Louise Alexander – Parent of two boys and a daughter who attended Halliford

boys from a private school in Middlesex in their PE kits



“Our experience of Halliford School has been entirely positive. When we nervously dropped our son at the gates on his first day, we hoped, like all parents, that we had made the right choice for him. With two boys having gone through the school, we are certain we did. The school provides a wonderfully supportive environment allowing our boys to thrive.”

Simon Rabett – Parent of an Old Hallifordian and a boy in Upper Sixth
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“I came to look at Halliford as one of my family friends came here, and she loved it! Being a girl at Halliford is great – the other girls are wonderful and being at Halliford brought us together. We appreciated each other’s interests and making friends with them was a really positive part of my Sixth Form. If you are considering applying to Halliford, I encourage you to come and look around. You will be made to feel very welcome, and you will quickly feel like part of the Halliford family. I am delighted that I chose to come to Halliford. It was definitely the right choice for me! Halliford has given me the best two years for the best outcome, and I am proud to call myself an Old Hallifordian!”

Sheridan Kerr, Old Hallifordian



“When I found out that my place at my dream college, St. Peter’s, Oxford, was confirmed, I was overcome with relief. But having achieved this with 4 A* at A Level, I am overjoyed and filled with immense gratitude for my amazing teachers and Headmaster who helped and inspired me every step of the way. I am excited to start the next chapter of my life both academically, through my studies of French and Spanish, and musically. I could not feel more honoured to be an alumnus of this extraordinary school.”

Arya Shafighian, Old Hallifordian



“I joined Halliford in Year 9, and the transition period was so smooth. Almost instantly, I was making friends both on the rugby pitch and in the classroom. I particularly enjoyed the more personal feel at Halliford, made possible only by our small size and the importance of respect. I am really happy with my results at A Level receiving 3 A* and 1 A, and I am looking forward to continuing my studies at Cambridge University. Thank you to Halliford for all of your help and support.”

Daniel Wilkes, Old Hallifordian

“Halliford has been full of highlights since the day I started and continued to provide me with endless opportunities that I will remember for a very long time.  From incredible trips to Austria for some phenomenal skiing and experiences across the country to the endless laughs and enjoyment we shared with our peers and teachers. Every day at Halliford is different, and we are always involved in something new and entertaining. One particular highlight of mine was the frequent speakers who come to Halliford who share their life experiences, successes and valuable advice, such as Floyd Steadman – the first black headteacher of an independent school and extremely successful rugby player. I enjoyed the freedom and independence on a day-to-day basis while still receiving care and guidance from all my teachers, which is what made every day perfectly suited to my needs.”

Lucy Durham, Former Deputy Head Prefect (2022-2023)


“From being welcomed on my first day as a Hallifordian, through to this final year, I have been guided and encouraged to become a more confident, curious, and resilient person. I am grateful that I have been able to explore every possible opportunity to have new experiences and develop my interests. The school’s ethos, nurturing learning environment and warm-heartedness has supported me to become someone I am proud to be, and I am delighted to take up the role of Head Prefect. Halliford has given me the best start for whatever lies ahead.”

Raibeart Archibald, Former Head Prefect (2022-2023)
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children and teacher sat on sofas

Why Choose Halliford?

Halliford is a warm-hearted School founded on strong family values where we are proud to know and be respectful of every student as an individual. Our theme ‘Come as you are. Go as all you can be’ perfectly encapsulates our mission to encourage and support Hallifordians to flourish and become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

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