The School, its Aims & Ethos

    Halliford is a vibrant place full of endeavour. It provides an education designed to help pupils discover their individual interests and talents as well as prepare them for the challenging world they will enter.

    Halliford School is a boys' school for eleven to eighteen year olds with a co-educational Sixth form. In order to achieve the general objectives set out in the main prospectus the School has five clear aims:

    • To provide a sound academic education for boys 11-18 and girls 16-18
    • To provide a balanced and wide-ranging extra-curricular programme
    • To provide a warm family ethos in which every pupil is known and valued
    • To provide a clear moral framework accessible to all pupils
    • To provide a high level of individual attention and pastoral care

    The overall ethos of the School is centered on providing a friendly, family-orientated, nurturing and supportive environment in which all pupils are known as individuals by most, if not all, staff and all are equally valued and supported regardless of race, religion, gender or disability. This caring ethos is based on the universal values essential for a civilised society: in particular, the importance of showing courtesy and consideration to all by taking responsibility for one's own actions, of honesty both towards others and with oneself and of service to others and especially those in need. It is reflected in the academic approach of the School in which the setting and demanding of high standards takes place within a supprotive and encouraging atmosphere. The structure and organisation of the School are also designed to support and strengthen this distinctive ethos.

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